Ultimate Guide to Finding a CBD Oil Private Label Partner

Every day there is a new CBD product hitting the market. Some of them come from reputable companies, like Green Roads, and others come from out of the blue and don’t really have much info attached to them. These types of products have led many people to seek out white label (private label) CBD products so that they can get a better sense of what went into the production of the CBD from start to finish from the company that actually produced it.

Let’s get into how to find a reputable White label CBD partner.

Organically Grown

When searching for a private label CBD partner, the first thing to check for is how they grow their hemp. This is particularly important when it comes to hemp-derived CBD because hemp is primarily a fiber crop. Fiber crops aren’t meant to be ingested by humans so farmers will use all manner of chemicals and such that ultimately seep into the hemp and CBD that’s present.

Checking out the way the producer grows and asking about the pesticides they use will help you determine if this CBD producer is using ethical and safe practices to grow their hemp. Buying from a company that uses harmful and unsafe pesticides not only show that they don’t care about your customers’ health, but they also don’t care about the environment because a lot of those chemicals leak into the water supply and end up doing damage to the local environment and wildlife.

So, for the benefit of everyone, always ask the CBD supplier about their growing practices. 

In-House/Out-of-House Testing

This is another major step that private label CBD partners need to be doing. Not only should the CBD producer be doing their own in-house tests on their hemp and CBD products, but they should also have a third-party lab verify those results. This ensures that the CBD and THC content are within the legal range and what’s labeled on the bottle is completely accurate.

Having in- and out-of-house testing also allows for two sets of eyes to check for things like mold, pathogens, heavy metals and inorganic pesticides. This ensures that the CBD product isn’t going to spread diseases or get customers sick. It also shows that the hemp was grown in a sanitary environment that was well kept.

Normally, the high-end and reliable companies that do in-house and out-of-house testing will post the results of both tests on their website with the product. This allows for full transparency with the public and prospective clients and shows that they work with reputable labs as well as have accurate in-house testing.

Manufacturing (Extraction/Storage)

With private label CBD oil comes different extraction techniques. There are all kinds of ways to extract CBD oil from hemp, but only a few methods are safe such as food-grade ethanol. This is important to consider because it wouldn’t make sense to have all this hemp grown organically to just have it destroyed by using harmful solvents and dirty extraction equipment, but this happens all the time.

Once the oil is extracted it needs to be stored properly as well. This requires a large, clean area and sometimes refrigeration. Being able to store the oil properly after it’s produced is almost as important as the extraction process because an entire batch of CBD-rich oil can be ruined in little to no time at all if left in a hot, wet or unsanitary storage area.

Taking the time to visit the producer’s facility or just talking to them about their techniques is going to give you a lot of insight into the quality of the products they produce. It lets you know that they take their CBD products seriously and want to provide quality white label products.


Want to get your money’s worth? Of course! Everybody does and when you use private label CBD products you’re going to save big time. There are a bunch of reasons why you’re going to save money, but the 4 main reasons are these:

  • No Middle Man

No middle man means no one to jack up the prices or mess with the formula before you get to it. The product is coming right from the supplier so you are going to be able to get it at crazy discounts like up to 70% off!

  • Lower Shipping Costs

This is where a lot of money gets lost. Part of the price hike that you see from middle-men comes from the shipping expenses. It’s accrued when the products get shipped from the original supplier to the middle man, then from the middle man to you.

When you purchase white label CBD, it’s coming right from the supplier so that’s even more savings.

  • Customer Service

Time is money and when you are spending weeks trying to get information on a product or for a customer, you are wasting a lot of money. Purchasing from a private label company will guarantee that you are working with a company that actually knows the product and can answer any questions you might have.

  • Packaging. Is. Everything.

If you don’t have a stand-out label, no one is going to notice your product. However, by the time most people get to this step, they’ve already spent all their money on a product, paid the fees to a middle man and paid more for shipping than they did for the actual product. Don’t be that guy.

There are some white label companies, like Joy Organics, that will print YOUR label right onto the bottle, along with your logo. So, by not having to purchase labels from a separate company, you save on shipping, printing and man-hours. Sounds like a win-win to me!


This is a word you’ll hear a lot in the CBD industry: compliant. When referring to hemp, compliant simply means that the CBD product or hemp plant meets the standards to be considered legal at the state and federal level. Being compliant is a must in the CBD industry or the producers, sellers and consumers could all get in trouble with the law or worse, get hurt.

To avoid this, you just need to brush up on your state’s current CBD/hemp laws as well as the state in which you are planning to purchase the private label CBD oil. Knowing the different laws between your state and the one you plan on purchasing from will ensure that you are purchasing a product that is 1) legal in your state 2) grown with the proper materials and 3) meets the quality standards that you and your state require.

Even though compliance was last on this list, it is probably the most important thing to consider. Having a compliant private label product will ensure that you can carry and sell that product where you live without having to worry about getting yourself or your customers into any trouble with the law.

CBD is a booming industry. There are plenty of companies out there that have white label CBD oil and are just itching to sell it to you. As long as you follow this guide and check all these areas mentioned, you should be able to find a quality private label CBD partner that meets all of your standards!

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