What should you look for in a wholesale CBD oil partner?

The Joy Organics wholesale CBD program helps independent entrepreneurs and retailers to capitalize on the rapidly growing CBD market with wholesale pricing on premium, pharmaceutical grade CBD products.

By joining our wholesale program you’ll have access to a complete line of world-class, premium-quality CBD oil products as well as industry-leading customer support.

Benefits of Joy’s Wholesale CBD Oil Products:

  • No cost to join
  • A full line of high-quality CBD products
  • Up to 60% discount off retail prices
  • Free same-day shipping via USPS
  • Free replacements for returned items
  • Industry leading customer service
  • Simple ordering process

Additional benefits:

  • New CBD products added every month
  • Free product brochures
  • 3rd party lab reports available for every batch
  • All products include an attractive display box

How our CBD Wholesale/Reseller Program works:

  • Step 1. Fill out a short Wholesale Partner application. (Click here)
  • Step 2. You’ll receive a promo code for 50% off all orders.
  • Step 3. Place an order, and enter your promo code at checkout.

Wholesale CBD Product Info.

You can learn more about each of Joy Organics CBD products here:

  • Wholesale CBD Softgels
  • Wholesale CBD Tinctures
  • Wholesale CBD Pet Products
  • Wholesale CBD Gummies (Coming Soon)
  • Wholesale CBD Vape Juice (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions for Wholesale CBD

Below are the questions most commonly asked by our Wholesale Partners. If you have a question not included in the list, please email us at wholesale@joyorganics.com. We’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.

What is the Joy Organics Wholesale Partnership Program?

The Joy Organics Wholesale Partners program provides top-quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD products at wholesale prices to retail businesses and independent entrepreneurs who wish to earn money by selling Joy Organics CBD products.

How does the Joy Organics Wholesale Partner program work?

Ordering wholesale Joy Organics CBD products is very simple.

  • Step 1. Fill out a short Wholesale Partner application. (Click here)
  • Step 2. You’ll receive a promo code for 50% off all orders.
  • Step 3. Place an order, and enter your promo code at checkout.

What’s the wholesale price of Joy Organic’s CBD products?

All Joy Organics CBD wholesale customers will receive a 50% discount off of our retail prices for orders up to $2,500. Orders over $2,500 are eligible for a 60% discount.

Are there discounts for larger orders?

Yes. Wholesale orders over $2500 are quoted separately. Please send an email with a list of the products you would like to buy to wholesale@joyorganics.com and we will promptly respond with our best available price.

Is there a minimum purchase for wholesale CBD products?

Yes. Joy Organics has a minimum order of $250 wholesale or $500 retail in order to receive the 50% discount. Orders over $2500 will receive a 60% discount.

Do I need to buy a minimum quantity of wholesale CBD products?

No. You can buy as many or as few products as you wish, as long as your order totals $250 or more ($500 at retail price).

How do I place a wholesale CBD order?

To place a wholesale order simply shop for CBD products on our site as you normally would. Enter the quantities of each product you wish to purchase. Then enter your promo code at checkout to receive your wholesale discount.

How do I pay for my wholesale CBD order?

For orders up to $2,500 wholesale you may pay by credit card. Orders over $2500 wholesale, will need to be paid via wire transfer, ACH or cashiers check.

If I commit to doing a certain amount of business with you each month, will you give me the pricing for the quantities I expect to sell?

As we begin our relationship, our pricing will be based on each individual order.  As our relationship grows, we will do everything we can to give you the best pricing available.

Does Joy Organics offer payment terms for wholesale CBD products?

Joy Organics plans to offer extended payment terms to our top partners in the near future. Until that time, all wholesale orders must be paid in full before shipment.

How much does Joy Organics charge for shipping wholesale CBD orders?

Shipping is free for all wholesale CBD orders. All orders will be shipped by USPS at no extra charge.

Does Joy Organics offer express delivery on wholesale CBD orders?

We do offer express shipping at an extra charge. Simply select your desired shipping method during checkout for pricing.  

How quickly are wholesale CBD orders shipped?

All orders received before 12 PM MT will be shipped the same day. Orders received after 12 PM MT will ship the following day.

Can wholesale orders be shipped to P.O. Boxes?

Yes. We can ship directly to your post office box if you have one.

Can wholesale CBD products be shipped outside the U.S.?

In order to provide our U.S. wholesale partners with world-class customer service, we are only focusing on the U.S. market at this time.

Can I pick up my wholesale CBD order at a Joy Organics store?

Unfortunately, we do not offer order fulfillment at our stores. However, if you need products quickly, send an email to wholesale@joyorganics.com. We will do everything we can to help you.

What is Joy Organics wholesale CBD products return policy?

Joy Organics offers a 30-day return period on all wholesale CBD orders.

What if one of my customers returns one of the CBD products?

If a customer wishes to return a Joy Organics CBD product give them a full refund, then email us at wholesale@joyorganics.com. We will send you a replacement at no charge.

How do I become more educated about Joy Organics CBD products in order to better serve my customers?

Joy Organics has published an “Ultimate CBD Guide” to help you learn more about our CBD products. Click here.

Does Joy Organics offer brochures on CBD products?

Yes. Free brochures are provided with every order. We will include with your order one full-color, tri-fold brochure for each product purchased. If you order 50 products and you will receive 50 free brochures.

Where can I find Joy Organics CBD product photos to use in my marketing?

Please email wholesale@joyorganics.com with your request for product photos and we’ll send you a link to our photo file.

Do I need a special license to sell hemp oil products?

Joy Organics products are 100% THC-free and made from hemp. We are not aware of any state, county, or city that requires a special license to sell our THC-free hemp oil products.

Are there any requirements for becoming a wholesale buyer or reseller of Joy Organics CBD products?

We have no particular requirements other than you may not make any medical claims about our products. We request that all our Wholesale Partners help us build a world-class brand by not doing anything that could tarnish it.

Is there any reason that Joy Organics might terminate my Wholesale Partner account?

As long as you are not making any medical claims, you are operating with integrity, and you are representing the Joy Organics brand with class, your Wholesale Partner account will remain in good standing.


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